Website Services

Your website isn’t a one-time project, it’s an ongoing thing. But it’s not work that you should be doing, so let us handle it.

Website Care Plans

There’s no reason for you to waste time tinkering with your website for changes, additions, and issues. Purchase a care plan have our team in your back pocket – we’ll take care of everything.

Additional Pages

Add a basic page (up to 3 sections) or an advanced page (up to 8 sections) with easy, flat pricing for current Website Cheetah customers. All page add-ons include unlimited royalty-free photos as well.

Website Integrations

Need a new feature, plugin, or third party service integrated with your website? We’ll add it, test it, and make sure it plays nicely with your existing integrations.

A/B Testing

Want to increase the conversion rate of your sales page or opt-in page? We’ll create variations and use A/B testing to see which variation gets the best results.

Coming soon

SEO Audit

Search engine optimization is an important part of driving traffic to your website. Learn more about our SEO services through our sister site, Keyword Cheetah…

Available Website Integrations

These integrations are available to you. They can be integrated into your website with our easy, flat pricing.

Embedded Email Opt-in

Capture the names and email addresses of your leads into your email marketing system with forms directly embedded on your website’s pages.

Dynamic Email Opt-Ins

Integrate 3rd party opt-in software that will allow you to create pop-ups, slide-ins, overlays, welcome mats, and other types of advanced email opt-in forms.

Live Chat or Support Beacon

Add live chat to your site so visitors can ask you questions and get support directly through your website.

Advanced Forms

Need more than a basic contact form? We can create more robust forms with additional fields and other advanced features like conditional logic and custom email routing.

Calendars & Scheduling Systems

Need clients to be able to book appointments with you right through your website? We can integrate 3rd party scheduling systems.

Podcast Feeds & Players

Are you a podcaster? We can set you up with full podcast integration – players for all your posts and a custom feed that you can submit to podcast directories.

Wordpress Plugins

We’ll install any plugin, make sure the plugin is setup properly, test its functionality, run diagnostics, and then test for any conflicts with existing integrations.