We built an inhouse tool to find poorly performing websites

Incase you're wondering how we found your website, it wasn't a spam campaign. We only reach out to websites that we feel need help and ones we can provide value to. So we built a tool to help us find them.

We utilize PageSpeed Insights a tool by Google which ranks your website on multiple factors. We are mainly interested in Performance (speed and optimization of your website), but also look at SEO and best practices.

We run tests on hundreds of URLS for various keywords like "Vancouver Construction" and sort based on the worst performers. We display this data in an HTML table to browse easily.

As you can see in the first column, Performance. We are sorting the results based on the combined performance score for both Desktop and Mobile results from our PageSpeed Insights tests.

The Desktop performance was 0.18 and 0.06 for Mobile. Adding those two together we get 0.24... while the best possible result would be 2.00. 

This score is really low and this website could benefit a lot from optimization.

The Keyword column is self explanatory and the Counter column is the website's position in the Google search index. So our worst performance result was #6 in Google search engine results. That's pretty impressive that Google is still ranking it highly with such a poor performance score. They must have a lot of authority and quality content. However position #6 is not that great, most of the traffic from search engines are funneled into the top results, namely #1 to #3. They eat up the majority of search engine traffic. If you are on page 2 of the Google search engine, in the #10 - #20 spots, you will basically receive little to no traffic at all.

I believe if the 0.24 website worked on it's performance optimization, it could move up to the #1 spot easily. This would be very significant if a large portion of their business comes from search engines.

The Run column is just a simple link which opens the page speed test in the browser, so we can do a deep dive into the analysis and find where the major problems are. Like so:


There you have our entire business strategy

That's the tool we built to find websites that we feel we can provide a lot of value to. We hope you will appreciate our approach for discovering websites that could benefit from our help, and that you are interested in making your website perform more efficiently.

Doing so will reap rewards like better Google position. As well as making your website experience more enjoyable for visitors on slower connections, or on mobile phones where speed is very important. People are way too busy and inundated with options to sit around and wait for your slow website to show them some text and pictures.

by Justin Chaschowy
Cheetah chief. Lives in Africa and makes you money by improving your site. To serve your customers better, and lower hosting costs (usually to $0). He enjoys boxing, Linux OS, and finding good films to watch with his wife.